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Egor Chilikov told Delovoy Petersburg about the specifics of bringing corporate managers to subsidiary liability

The partner of the firm Egor Chilikov explained what acts of management, including temporary directors of a firm, may indicate the existence of grounds for invoking subsidiary liability:

If Sevkabel’s managers did indeed overstate their own compensation, engage in nonmarket transactions to the detriment of the company, and fail to set aside reserves for future relocations, as claimants alleged, such facts, from the perspective of an outside observer, suggest the existence of subsidiary liability grounds, says Egor Chilikov, a partner in the law firm Petrol Chilikov.

“There are, however, cases in which even the most heinous measures may be justified on the ground that they were the best possible, and then there will be no ground for subsidiary liability, even in the face of all the obvious wastefulness of the measures taken,” he adds.

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