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Legal Insight publishes Olesya Petrol’s interview with Dmitry Chernenko of A1 about Bedjzhamov case

In the ‘Cross-Border Dispute of the Year’ category of The Case by Legal Insight’s annual research, the case for recovery of losses from Larisa Markus and Georgy Bedzhamov, senior managers and beneficiaries of Vneshprombank (VPB), won.

Learn how the lawyers’ team overcome the cross-border barrier step by step, what is unique about the case and what non-trivial move was used to find the assets, from the interview with Dmitry Chernenko, a partner at the A1 law firm involved in the case. The interview was conducted by Partner Olesya Petrol, who was part of the research experts team.

Read the full text of the interview on the magazine’s website.