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Dmitriy Taput explains ‘fictitious owner’ concept for

The financial manager demanded to provide him with data on the property of the bankrupt's children to find out about the assets that the bankrupt bought with his own money and simply registered for his sons. But three instances refused him. And the Supreme Court agreed that debtors can use children as fictitious owners. Dmitry Taput, a Senior Associate with Petrol Chilikov, comments on the...
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Olesya Petrol’s article on subsidiary liability of persons controlling a debtor and their family members published in special annex to Corporate Lawyer

Another special supplement to the Corporate Lawyer magazine is devoted to the problems of liability in bankruptcy: subsidiary, administrative, criminal liability, as well as the liability of arbitration managers and liability of Russian debtors and creditors abroad. The supplement features an article by Partner Olesya Petrol. Subsidiary liability has historically been one of the...
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Kommersant cites Alexander Yagelnitskiy in article on compensation for moral harm in cases involving crimes against property

The Constitutional Court recognised that theft, extortion, fraud and other crimes against property might additionally subject a victim to mental anguish serious enough to serve as grounds for claiming compensation for moral harm. This was caused by a complaint filed by a Russian citizen who fell victim to fraud when arranging his mother’s funeral. The courts refused him compensation for...
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Civil Law Magazine publishes interview on torts with Olesya Petrol and Alexander Yagelnitskiy

‘Civil Law’ Editor-in-Chief Andrey Egorov discussed the specifics of statute of limitation calculation for tort claims, gross negligence, harm inflicted during vaccination, special victim concept, subjective fault, and many other issues with Olesya Petrol, Partner at Petrol Chilikov, a lecturer at HSE University and the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, and Alexander...
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Olesya Petrol tells about development of Moscow VIS Pre-Moot in the report of activities of the Russian Arbitration Centre

For more than 10 years, Russia has been hosting Willem C. Vis pre-moots. The Moscow Vis Pre-Moot founders are Olesya Petrol and Alexander Yagelnitskiy. Olesya Petrol says: The Moscow Pre-Moot represents training rounds to the renowned Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. Teams from all around the world (more than 370 already, I think) will compete in the Vienna Vis...
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In 2012, Evgeny Egorov purchased a four-room apartment in St. Petersburg, and in September 2015, he sold it to Irina Skrobova, After two months, he got divorced from his wife, and on the same day of the following year, Skorobova resold the apartment to the former. After six months, Kardinal LLC filed a petition with the court to declare Egorov bankrupt. The financial manager checked...
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Economic Justice Bulletin publishes feature by Gleb Sudarev dedicated to damage causes and conditions

A feature by Gleb Sudarev, Junior Associate at Petrol Chilikov, titled “Reciprocity of Damage Causes and Conditions” published in issue 8/2021 of the journal, reviews a ruling of the Civil Cases Division of the Russian Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. In the ruling in question, the Court considered the liability of the owner of a source of increased hazard for the withdrawal of...
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Alexander Durnev comments for EG-Yurist on the Constitutional Court’s resolution concerning the sole dwelling of a bankrupt

Bankruptcy, labour and bank disputes – in the key legal positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation for Q2 2021, EG-Yurist. Alexander Durnev, Junior Associate at Petrol Chilikov: This issue came to light for the first time in 2003 (Ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation No. 456-O dated 4 December 2003). Back then, the Constitutional Court...
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Olesya Petrol told how the firm operates during the pandemic

A major US client for legal services has demanded its advisors return to their offices and resume face-to-face communications. However, during the pandemic period, people got used to working from home and having a flexible schedule. learned how lawyers work in Russia, and whether their clients are happy with the remote working mode. Starting from May last year, Petrol Chilikov has...
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Feature by Elena Mazetova on data protection in international arbitration published in Legal Issues in the Digital Age

The Higher School of Economics magazine “Legal Issues in the Digital Age” has published a feature by Elena Mazetova, Associated Partner at Petrol Chilikov, titled “Data Protection Regulation and International Arbitration: Can There Be Harmonious Coexistence (with the GDPR Requirements Concerning Cross-Border Data Transfer)?” The entire text is available on the magazine’s website.
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