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Dmitry Taput analyses practice of disputes with companies from unfriendly countries for

On 28 February 2022, the Russian President signed Decree No. 79 “On the application of special economic measures in connection with unfriendly actions of the United States and foreign states and international organisations that have joined them”. The document mostly deals with currency operations by Russian residents. There are some attempts to apply it in court practice already. Petrol Chilikov Senior Associate Dmitry Taput analysed such attempts related to introduction of interim measures.

“According to statistics, the courts satisfy about a third of applications for interim measures. So far, we cannot say unequivocally that international sanctions and anti-sanctions legislation have changed the situation,” comments Taput. In some cases, courts do refer to the unfriendly origin of the defendant or its major shareholder, but it is too early to talk about this as a trend, he says.

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