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Olesya Petrol’s opinion on the initiative concerning the protection of rights of children, whose parents were put in detention, is published by Advokatskaya Gazeta

In her expert comment, Olesya Petrol noted the controversial aspects of the new law-making initiative, the originators of which suggest regulating the matters of supervision over children, whose parents were arrested or put in detention.

“On the one hand, the situation, in which a parent becomes unable to supervise his or her child due to an administrative penalty or criminal enforcement...

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Olesya Petrol’s comment regarding the relationship between an arbitration dispute and prosecution in Russia is published by Delovoy Peterburg

Olesya Petrol, partner at Petrol Chilikov, commented on the conflict between former shareholders of the Delovye Linii transportation company, which escalated from arbitration into criminal proceedings. To the best of my knowledge, in the LCIA, Khabarov’s partner was not referring to coercion. Therefore, I believe that, first, during the investigation in the criminal case, the law...
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Egor Chilikov commented on the high-profile corporate conflict in Petropavlovsk PLC for publishes Egor Chilikov’s comment on the application of provisional measures in several inter-related commercial disputes pertaining to the assets of the Petropavlovsk PLC gold-mining company:

Egor Chilikov, partner at Petrol Chilikov, finds no reasonable explanation to the court’s inconsistency in cases involving Albynsky Mine and Petropavlovsk Management Company. “In its...

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In its material ”Family Transactions in the Course of Bankruptcy: Do’s and Don’ts”, information portal publishes an expert comment by Olesya Petrol, partner at Petrol Chilikov:

“There is an imbalance of forces in the fight between creditors and dishonest spouses. The community property regime provides the spouses with numerous opportunities for manipulations concealed from...

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Interfax publishes Alexander Yagelnitskiy’s comment regarding the calculation of environmental damage

Alexander Yagelnitskiy, of counsel at Petrol Chilikov, explained to the Interfax journalist the nuances of the damage calculation technique where damage is inflicted on the environment: The costs of an economic entity for restoration of the normal condition of water bodies and soil that suffered from the accident are deducted from the total amount of damage calculated according to the...
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Vestnik Grazhdanskogo Prava published an article by Gleb Sudarev dedicated to the determination of victim’s guilt

The Vestnik Grazhdanskogo Prava popular science magazine published the article by lawyer Gleb Sudarev titled “Certain Difficulties in Determining the Limits of Victim’s Guilt”. For more information about the magazine and article, please the VGP website.
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Alexander Yagelnitskiy co-authored the Lomonosov Moscow State University’s textbook on civil law

STATUT Publishing House issued the third and the fourth volumes of the “Civil Law” textbook edited by Prof. Ye.A. Sukhanov. The textbook was prepared by the team of the Private Law Department of the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Alexander Yagelnitskiy, of counsel at Petrol Chilikov, co-authored Volume 3 “General Provisions on Obligations and Agreements” and...
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EG-Yurist newspaper publishes a report from a webinar on asset tracing arranged by Petrol Chilikov

A detective story for creditors: how to trace debtor's assets on your own and in a cost-effective way The search for the assets of a "delinquent" counterparty should begin with the same thing that any successful business starts with, i.e. planning. Egor Chilikov, a partner of Petrol Chilikov law firm, stressed this point. Planning helps to focus the search in a unified direction, not to...
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Dmitriy Taput participated in drawing up the AAWG Review of Russian Judicial Practice on Arbitration and Cross-Border Litigation for 2019

In April 2020, the Arbitration Association Working Group (AAWG) for Monitoring of Russian Judicial Practice published the Review of Russian Judicial Practice on Arbitration and Cross-Border Litigation for 2019. The Review comprises four sections: general matters of international arbitration and arbitral proceedings; recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards; recognition and enforcement...
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Olesya Petrol commented to Legal.Report on the Rosgosstrakh trademarks case

Olesya Petrol commented to Legal.Report on the dispute between Rosgosstrakh and Capital Life Insurance concerning trademarks.

“The case involves interesting legal issues, the judgments on which delivered by the Commercial Cases Division (ComCD) may be adjusted to a certain extent <...> from the ComCD ruling, one may conclude that any remission of a case for retrial is unconstitutional,...

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