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Dmitry Taput explained to the importance of the case related to the bankruptcy moratorium being considered by the Supreme Court of Russia

The comments of Dmitry Taput, Petrol Chilikov Associate, are cited by the law portal in a report from a session of the Judicial Panel for Commercial Disputes of the Russian Supreme Court regarding the legality of charging interest for late payment by a company which is subject to a “bankruptcy moratorium”:

“The main issue in the case at hand is whether the circumstances in which the obligation arose have an impact on the possibility of defending oneself against financial sanctions”, says Dmitry Taput, a lawyer at Petrol Chilikov. “Such circumstances may include the time when the obligation arose, the connection between the failure to perform the obligation and the reasons for the moratorium, etc.” As suggested by the lawyer, the Supreme Court in its reasoned judgement will instruct the courts to establish only whether the reason for the moratorium has affected the debtors’ solvency or not.

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