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Olesya Petrol lectures a course on Family Law for Lextorium

From February 11 to March 21, 2020, Olesya Petrol, partner at Petrol Chilikov, together with Andrey Egorov, director of the Comparative Law Center and educational programs at Lextorium, gave lectures within the course “Family law in disputes over property and children, in bankruptcy and inheritance”. The course was organized by the online law-school

The course examined the following sets of practical considerations:

  • Procedural issues in disputes dealing with division of property of spouses;
  • General rules for marital property division;
  • Division of certain types of property of spouses;
  • Challenge of transactions with spousal property;
  • Disputes arising from prenuptial agreements and child support agreements;
  • Total debts of spouses;
  • Marital share disputes in an inheritance process;
  • Disputes about the children’s place of residence.

Find more about the course here.