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Egor Chilikov told about the nuances of assets recovery strategies

Information portal in its article “Detecting Fraud in the Workplace and Assets Abroad: Legal Advice” quotes the speech delivered by Egor Chilikov, firm partner, at a conference:

“Egor Chilikov explained where to start looking for assets. The best time to start engaging in a recovery strategy is at the relationship building phase. At this point, you can choose the right jurisdiction for the enforcer, gather useful information about the opponent, and it is likely that the opponent will give it to you.

While there are many ways to protect assets, there are no insurmountable barriers, but there are well-prepared adversaries who require sophisticated strategies to deal with.

The second-best time to plan a recovery is before a lawsuit on the merits is filed. At this point, the opponent is not yet aware of the attack, and you can use “quiet” methods to gather information and try to surprise them with unexpected moves. There are many search tools and they are constantly evolving – from publicly available (public registers, social media) to special legal tools (“quiet” data requests from banks, corporate administrators, searches in public court cases)”.