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Olesya Petrol talks on sharing of spouses’ personal property under joint ownership regime at the Private Thursday of Civil Law Scholars’ Club

During the webinar “Personal Property of Spouses Under the Joint Ownership Regime” held by Civil Law Scholar’s Club, Olesya Petrol, a partner in the firm, and Andrey Egorov, the editor-in-chief of Civil Law magazine, discussed the following:

  • Conceptual solutions for accounting of personal property in various systems of property relations of spouses in the world and in Russia.
  • Defining personal property under Russian law: disputable cases.
  • What is the fate of personal property transformed during the marriage?
  • How does one prove personal nature of property when there is a transformation of property in marriage: presumption of joint ownership, burden of proof, evidence.
  • What is the effect of registering property purchased with personal funds in the name of the other spouse?
  • Is the increase in value of personal (primarily pre-marital) property during marriage subject to the community property regime?

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