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Egor Chilikov held a webinar on strategies for choosing a dispute resolution venue when entering into international contracts

Egor Chilikov held a practical webinar “Strategies for Choosing a Dispute Resolution Venue When Entering into International Contracts”. The webinar was arranged by the Institute of Modern Educational Technologies Development (IMETD).

During the webinar, Egor elaborated on the following matters:

  1. What input is required to properly build a strategy for choosing a dispute resolution venue?
  2. Arbitration or state court: what would be the best choice and in which circumstances?
  3. If choosing the state court, what jurisdiction should it have? What aspects must be considered in this respect?
  4. If choosing arbitration, which institute to select, and what arbitration clause modalities to opt in?
  5. Pre-action procedure: is it required or not, and how to align it with the dispute resolution clause?
  6. Egor’s presentation was accompanied by multiple examples from Russian practice and the practice of foreign states and arbitrations.

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The webinar video is available on the IMETD website.