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Kommersant business daily lists Petrol Chilikov as leading consultant on sanctions law

Kommersant published a study on changes in the legal services market during the period of active imposition of economic sanctions this year. Based on an analysis of data provided by law firms, the study presents an indicative map of advisors in 19 of the most in-demand sanctions-related areas.

Petrol Chilikov is recommended for supporting international commercial contracts and structuring private assets.

Kommersant also quotes Partner Egor Chilikov as saying:

“There are many examples when sanctions, counter-sanctions, economic crises and currency fluctuations have not been recognised as exempt circumstances. The option remains to resort to a compensatory interpretation of the contract, but in practice this is only available with a certain combination of the applicable law and the place of dispute resolution. It is disappointing to observe that justice – judicial and arbitral – is being polarised following geopolitical agendas and restrictive measures. Under these circumstances, the choice or possibility of changing the place of dispute resolution becomes crucial. In this context, it appears that the application of the ‘Lugovoi Law’ (Articles 248.1 and 248.2 of the Russian Code of Commercial Procedure) and other tactics aimed at changing the place of dispute resolution will increase.”

Read more about the study here.