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Petrol Chilikov and PLATFORMA held a webinar on legal funding

PLATFORMA and Petrol Chilikov held the webinar “Legal Funding: Trends and Cases”, during which they reported on the current state of affairs in the market of arbitration and litigation funding and shared their opinions on the nuances of attracting funds, documenting relations between funders and claimants, and difficulties one may face during a trial.

During the webinar, partner Egor Chilikov elaborated on the following matters:

  • Russian and international funding markets, their similarities and differences;
  • What may the funder give to the claimant (other than money)?
  • Typical commercial conditions of funding: what must be given (or promised to be given) to the funder?
  • How can relations between the claimant and the funder be structured, and what conditions need to be focused on?
  • What are the alternatives to legal funding (insurance, arrangements with lawyers), and what are their prospects in Russia and worldwide?
  • How funding may impact the course of proceedings (disclosure of information on funders, risks of security to cover opponent’s expenses, risks of failure to perform the decision, etc.)?
    In 2019, Egor published an article for the Legal Insight research dedicated to commercial arbitration in Russia (

Webinar proceedings are available here and here.

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