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Egor Chilikov recorded a lecture for LF Academy on investment planning

Partner Egor Chilikov recorded a lecture for LF Academy “Investment Planning: Protection of International Investments from Acts of the Host Country”.

During the lecture, Egor elaborated on the following matters:

  1. What opportunities do investors have to protect their investments from acts of host countries?
  2. What are the effective methods of structuring investments in terms of existing international treaties and practice of international investment tribunals?
  3. What “investors” and “investments” are protected, and what needs to be taken into account when making the investments to enhance the protection?
  4. When is it not too late to restructure, and how to restructure so as not to lose the protection?

Egor demonstrated various aspects of investment planning exemplified by existing international treaties of the Russian Federation, from the perspective of a Russian investor.

The lecture video is available on the LF Academy website.