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Petrol Chilikov co-organized the second seminar on adjudication of insurance disputes in arbitration

KLR and the Russian Arbitration Center, together with Petrol Chilikov and Vegas Lex held a second seminar for insurance market practitioners on adjudication of insurance disputes in arbitration. The seminar was held in the form of Insurance Moot Arbitration – a simulated arbitration process based on facts of a mock case.


In the first part of the event, Andrey Gorlenko, Executive Administrator of the Russian Arbitration Center, Leonid Zubarev, Senior Partner of CMS Law Firm, and Sergey Bukreev, Executive Director of KLR, delivered a presentations on commercial arbitration and its advantages in relation to adjudication of insurance disputes.


Then a moot trial took place, where Egor Chilikov (Petrol Chilikov) and Alexey Osipov (KLR) advocated the position of the insured, and Viktor Petrov (Vegas Lex) and Anvar Asrutdinov (Deloitte CIS) – of the insurer. The arbitrators were: Andrey Shirvindt, Master of Private Law, Ph.D., LL.M, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Zhanna Sedova, Ph.D., Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs of PJSC Enel Russia, Associate Professor of the Department of International Law, RSUJ; and Nikolai Galushin, member of the Supervisory Board of the RNPC.


The mock case concerned recognition of an event as an insurance event, entitlement to insurance compensation for real damage and damages caused by business interruption.