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Supported by Petrol Chilikov, Legal Insight magazine reviewed the cases that changed legal reality

Renowned Russian publication Legal Insight presented the results of The Case – an overview of court cases and transactions of significance for society and development of law. Petrol Chilikov supported the study in the ‘Cross-Border Litigation of the Year’ category, with partner Egor Chilikov serving as a jury expert.

“The trend towards an increasing number of cross-border disputes can be observed worldwide. Statistics from Russian courts demonstrates an increase in the number of different types of disputes with a foreign element from year to year (with the exception of some years). Foreign arbitration institutions regularly emphasise a steady flow of cases involving Russian parties (e.g. in the ICC, LCIA and SCC, the percentage of such cases ranged from 2% to 10% for 2019-2020; statistics, by the way, do not take into account Russian disputes that are conducted without Russian entities involved). In foreign state courts, in our experience, the flow of Russian disputes is not decreasing. Many Russian companies are starting to treat foreign disputes as something less extraordinary, in-house teams specialising in such work are being formed,” Partner Egor Chilikov said.

Read more about the study – in the magazine.