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Egor Chilikov tells what distinguishes quality arbitration investigated options available to Russian businesses as alternatives to Western arbitration. Partner Egor Chilikov shared his views on online arbitration, and what is the most important factor in choosing arbitration:

“Some complain about the lack of a ‘presence effect’ when questioning witnesses and experts online, but I don’t see this as a significant problem,” says Egor Chilikov, a partner at Petrol Chilikov. In his opinion, quality justice can be achieved online: “Just some things you have to get used to, but no more than that. That’s why many of the practices developed in the pandemic are likely to remain for a long time, the expert believes.

By and large, there’s a single most important factor in choosing arbitration – who your arbitrators will be. There is a good saying in the market: ‘Your arbitration is only as good as the arbitrators.’ A good arbitrator will ‘pull’ the proceedings to a good standard even under the not-so-great arbitration rules or practices at the arbitration venue.”

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