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Petrol Chilikov secures precedent-setting win in a multibillion dispute over the coal mine in Khakassia Region

In December 2018, Petrol Chilikov team achieved a complete victory in a series of disputes over Razrez Arshanovskiy, the coal mine in Khakassia Region.

Arbitrazh Court of East Siberian District have fully denied the claimant’s claims filed in a series of proceedings initiated to change the existing shareholding structure and corporate governance over valuable assets in Khakassia Region, and rejected to order to compensate the multibillion claims in damages allegedly incurred by claimant. The Court also upheld the existence and validity of arbitration agreement in favour of LCIA arbitration, unsuccessfully contested by the claimant.

The successful outcome is the landmark decisions of the Court, which addressed the important issues of corporate law in regards of the admissibility test for derivative claims under Russian law.

In the proceedings before the Court, defendant was represented by Petrol Chilikov team lead by counsel Alexander Yagelnitskiy and partner Egor Chilikov.

Information about the case is available here and here.